What to do in La Cumbrecita? Do you like walking and walking trails?



What to do in La Cumbrecita? Do you like walking and walking trails?

What to do in La Cumbrecita? This is a question that many ask us when booking, so here we comment on some options ...
The chapel
It is located at the top of the forest path, in one of the highest areas of the town. Like many of our buildings, it was designed by Helmut Cabjolsky, one of the pioneers of La Cumbrecita.
It was built with materials from the area in 1967 in order to remain open to all faiths. The predominance of wood, the Alpine architecture, the reduced spaces of the temple and the forest surrounding everything, make it an austere place with a particular charm.
Inside is the "Figure of Mary and the Child", especially carved in the Cabinetmaking School of Obermmergan in Bavaria - Germany, for this chapel.
REF: http://lacumbrecita.gov.ar/
Birch Forest
One of the forests that make up the great afforestation in which our town is immersed. To get to it, it is necessary to cross the Almbach stream by a small wooden bridge and skirt the traditional Liesbeth Confectionery. Climbing slowly up the mountains you reach this beautiful birch forest, one of the most important in the entire region.
During spring and summer, birch is distinguished from other species by the silver color of its branches and the intense green of its leaves. But it is in the autumn when this forest is most dazzling, due to the incredible variety of colors that the foliage acquires as the days go by.
REF: http://lacumbrecita.gov.ar/
La Pampita
The original setting of La Cumbrecita before the pioneers, through tireless labor, built our town. La Pampita is an immensity with almost no vegetation whatsoever. Only the sky and the mountains, the landscape of the area in its purest form. The mountain grass covers this large area from which large rocks emerge.
Leaving the town towards the road, after about 900 meters of walking, you will reach this wide plain often populated by herds of horses and herds of sheep. From there you get beautiful views of the pine forests in the area and the imposing rock mass of Sierras Grandes.
REF: http://lacumbrecita.gov.ar/

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