Our Suites

In Las Sierras de Córdoba, there is this wonderful little town, “La Cumbrecita”, furrowed by rivers and streams with crystal clear waters, with incredible natural pots and waterfalls where refreshing is a real luxury.   

La Cumbrecita Full of trails in pine forests, La Cumbrecita is the perfect place to spend  relaxing and pleasant days.
In our suits, you can enjoy the most beautiful views of the large mountains, the imposing Champaqui hill, sunsets with sunsets that you will never forget, the song of birds, and the whisper of the mountain breeze.
In our suits, we have all the amenities to make your stay absolutely comfortable and unforgettable.
Each suite is prepared to receive 2 guests, some equipped with king size beds and others with single beds.
All mattresses are "sensory", the best on the market, to ensure that when you come to spend a few days with us, you relax and rest.
Taking care of the COVID protocols, the mattresses have mattress covers that are sanitized, and all the pillows are inside waterproof covers that guarantee your safety and health.
We are sure, that just like us, they will love this corner of Cordobés, and that they will soon visit us again.
We are waiting for you!